Shipping policy



1 Delivery Method

The products are delivered to the address indicated by the consumer on the order form and only to the geographic areas we serve.

All products leave our premises in perfect condition. The customer must notify the carrier (or the postman) of the slightest trace of shock (holes, traces of crushing, etc.) on the package, and if necessary to refuse the package. A new identical product will then be returned to you free of charge.

The exchange of any product declared, a posteriori, damaged during transport, without any reservation having been made upon receipt of the package, cannot be taken into account.

As with any expedition, it is possible to experience a delay or for the product to go astray. In such a case, we contract the carrier to start an investigation. All efforts are made, as long as necessary, to find this package. If applicable, the merchant will be reimbursed by the carrier and deliver a new identical package at his expense.

We decline any responsibility for the extension of delivery times due to the carrier, in particular in the event of loss of products, bad weather or strike.

2 Delivery times

Product deliveries are possible exclusively in mainland France, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana to the delivery address indicated by the Customer during the order validation process.
If the Order Confirmation indicates a particular delivery time, it is the latter which will bind MYSCA Natural Cosmetics.
In the absence of indication, for information purposes, and without MYSCA Natural Cosmetics being bound by this time, the average time Delivery of the Products is estimated at three (3) to seven (7) working days from the day after the Order Confirmation.
For deliveries of Products to the West Indies and Guyana, it takes seven (7) ) additional working days compared to the indicative deadlines announced above.
In any case, the maximum delivery time of the Products to the Customer is thirty (30) days from the Confirmation of Order. p>

3 Late delivery

If the delivery time is exceeded by more than seven (7) days compared to the time indicated in the Order Confirmation or in the event of the maximum time limit of thirty (30) days indicated in these GTC being exceeded, and except in case of force majeure, the Customer instructs MYSCA Natural Cosmetics, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to proceed with the delivery as soon as possible. In the event of failure to deliver following this injunction for any reason other than force majeure, the Customer may request the resolution of the sale by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and will receive from MYSCA Natural Cosmetics at the latest within a period of fourteen (14) days the return of its payment, to the exclusion of any other compensation. If the delivery takes place before the receipt of this letter by MYSCA Natural Cosmetics, the sale will remain in force between the parties.

4 Delivery Problem Due To The Carrier

Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product compared to the delivery note, damaged package, broken products, etc.) must be indicated on the delivery note in the form of a '' handwritten reserve '', accompanied by the signature of the client.

The consumer must at the same time confirm this anomaly by sending the carrier within two working days of the delivery date a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt setting out the said complaints.

The consumer must send a copy of this letter to the SELLER'S ADDRESS. Without this observation, we do not proceed to any exchange.

5 Delivery Errors

The consumer must formulate to the SELLER, on the same day of delivery or at the latest on the first working day following delivery, any claim of delivery error and / or non-conformity of the products in kind or in quality. compared to the indications on the order form.

Beyond this deadline, any complaint will be rejected. The formulation of this complaint with the SELLER may be made to the SELLER'S ADDRESS.

Any complaint not made in accordance with the rules defined above and within the time limits cannot be taken into account and will release THE SELLER from any responsibility towards the consumer.

In the event of a delivery or exchange error, any product to be exchanged must be returned to the SELLER as a whole and in its original packaging in impeccable condition to the SELLER'S ADDRESS.

To be accepted, any return must be reported and have the prior consent of the SELLER, who in case of agreement will reship the package to the correct address.

The shipping costs are the responsibility of the SELLER, except in the case where it turns out that the product does not correspond to the original declaration made by the consumer in the right direction of return. p >

6 Product unavailability

In the event of unavailability of a Product, noted after the Order Confirmation, MYSCA Natural Cosmetics immediately informs the Customer and offers him an extension of the initial delivery time or a Product of a quality and a price equivalent. If the Customer refuses, MYSCA Natural Cosmetics will immediately cancel the order and reimburse the sums paid by the Customer.

7 Transfer of risk

It is when the Customer or a third party designated by him, and other than the carrier offered by MYSCA Natural Cosmetics, takes physical possession of the Products that any risk of loss or damage to the Products is transferred to the Customer.

Article 8. Withdrawal, refunds and returns

8.1 Right of withdrawal

From receipt of the last of the Products that are the subject of his order, the Customer has a withdrawal period of fourteen (14) calendar days to exercise his right of withdrawal by returning the form, a model of which is at the end. of GTC, or by informing MYSCA Natural Cosmetics by any other means written to info@myscanaturalcosmetics.com . The Customer must return the Products to MYSCA Natural Cosmetics no later than fourteen (14) calendar days following communication to MYSCA Natural Cosmetics of its decision to withdraw. The Customer is advised, in order to quickly process their refund request, to include the return slip on the back of the delivery slip, duly completed, in the return package. MYSCA Natural Cosmetics undertakes to reimburse the Customer upon receipt of the returned Products, or as soon as the Customer provides MYSCA Natural Cosmetics with proof of shipment of the Products, the date chosen for the reimbursement being that of the first of these facts.

The costs of returning the Product and the risks inherent in the return transport are the responsibility of the Customer.
As part of the exercise of the right of withdrawal:
• any damaged, incomplete Product , or whose original packaging is damaged or missing, will not be refunded or exchanged.

For Cosmetic Products that have been unsealed, given that, for reasons of hygiene and health protection, the right of withdrawal does not apply to these Products, MYSCA Natural Cosmetics will not proceed under any circumstances. reimbursement of sums paid by the Customer (including the cost of returning the Products, which will remain the responsibility of the Customer).

8.2 Legal guarantees

All the Products supplied by MYSCA Natural Cosmetics benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity provided for in articles L. 217-4 to L. 217-14 of the Consumer Code and the legal guarantee against hidden defects provided for in articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code. Under these guarantees, MYSCA Natural Cosmetics undertakes, at the Customer's choice, to reimburse or exchange the defective Products or products that do not correspond to their order, at no cost to the Customer.
If the (s) ) Product (s) delivered does / do not comply with the order, the Customer must send, within a reasonable time after receipt, a complaint to MYSCA Natural Cosmetics with a view to obtaining reimbursement or the replacement of the Product (s).
It is recalled that the legal guarantees attached to the products sold on our site are provided for in the following articles:
Article L217-4 code of consumption < / strong>
"The seller delivers goods that comply with the contract and is liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery.
He is also liable for any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or installation when it has been charged to it by the contract or has been carried out under its responsibility. "
Article L217-5 of the Consumer Code
" The good complies with the contract:
1 ° If it is fit for the use usually expected of '' a similar good and, if applicable:
• if it corresponds to the description given by the seller and has the qualities that the latter presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model;
• if it has the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect had with regard to the public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, in particular in advertising or labeling;
2 ° Or if it has the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or is suitable for any special use sought by the buyer, brought to the attention of the seller and which the latter has accepted. "
Article L217-12 of the Consumer Code
" The action resulting from the lack of conformity lapses two years after delivery of the goods. "
Article 1641 civil code
" The seller is bound by the guarantee for hidden defects in the item sold which make it unfit for the use for which it is intended, or which diminish this use so much that the buyer would not have acquired it, or would have given only a lower price, if he had known them. "
Article 1648 al 1st civil code
" The action resulting from latent defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years from the discovery of the defect . "

8.3 Return of non-conforming Products

If the Customer returns Products showing a lack of conformity, the Customer must comply with the terms described in this article.
The Customer is advised to facilitate and accelerate the processing of his refund request , complete the return slip which appears on the back of the delivery slip for the Products, and include it in the returned package.
The Products must be returned to the address appearing on the return slip, on the back of the delivery slip, in their original packaging in the state existing at the time of delivery of said Products, unused and accompanied by all accessories (including gifts).

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