ANDRÉ Myriam is Guadeloupe, engineer in biochemistry and molecular biology, professional hairdresser, artist, hair coach and creator of the MYSCA Natural Cosmetics brand. She is known in mainland France, the West Indies, Benin, Nigeria and the United States for the way she brings out the beauty of natural hair through artistic hairstyles in the image of ancestral African art. She is also known for her scientific expertise and her approach to hair care without toxic chemicals in order to respect its original nature.


Through INRA, CNRS and TWB, all major scientific laboratories in Toulouse, the creator of MYSCA Natural Cosmetics, Myriam ANDRÉ, was predestined for a certain career as a biochemist.
But very quickly, his passion for science fertilized his love for artistic hairstyling and thus gave birth to the idea of MYSCA Natural Cosmetics.
In order to improve the lives of people in search of real sustainable hair solutions, Myriam ANDRÉ made a choice in 2016. She left the major scientific laboratories to mobilize 100% of her knowledge and her experiences in chemistry and hairdressing in the project. MYSCA Natural Cosmetics.
She creates her first formulas in the kitchen of her small apartment in the south of France, but with the same rigor as in the large laboratories in which she has worked. Her determination to solve the many hair challenges that she or her clients have encountered was the driving force behind the creation of her products and MYSCA Natural Cosmetics was born.


MYSCA Natural Cosmetics,
Solving Hair Challenges Daily

At MYSCA Natural Cosmetics (MNC), our philosophy is to use substances and active molecules extracted from plants and whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. So we offer hair care products to bring out the natural beauty of everyone. No more artificial fragrances, dyes and controversial preservatives. Choosing MYSCA Natural Cosmetics means choosing to naturally improve the overall health of your scalp and hair over the long term. This is our vision for our consumers.


From frizzy hair to straight hair, including curly hair, the MNC range is suitable for all hair types, both women and men. Indeed, MYSCA Natural Cosmetics (MNC) products are hair care products and have been formulated for anyone who aspires to a simple yet highly effective hair routine that provides hydration and nutrition. MNC products embrace the individuality and diversity of hair care needs.


MYSCA Natural Cosmetics carries out its mission through different approaches:

  • Hair Care Products: MNC products are easy to use, improve hair health and perfect hair routine.
  • Hairdressing: through its various social networks, MNC shares inspirations and easy-to-create hairstyle tutorials that allow you to take care of your hair, while having fun and being creative. The brand also offers hairdressing services.
  • Learning workshops: to better understand the science of hair, learn how to take care of it and fall in love with yourself, for professionals and individuals alike.
  • Coaching: to have personalized consultations and follow-ups and help you reach the full potential of your hair. Or to solve your hair problems (dandruff, alopecia, falls, lack of care, developing a hair routine, etc.)